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Originally Posted by Tarah-Rex View Post

This shoot was a first both for me and the photographer. This was my first Cosplay, and she has never done a shoot of this nature before, so we were winging it. I am personally extremely happy with how it turned out, but I just thought I'd get some tips for future Cosplay shoots she and I will be doing together. Let me know what you think of them
Okay, so you kind-of want critique? I love your cosplay, but the best way you guys can get better is if I'm completely up front about the photography, so I will be :P.

In the first image, you look powerful, but the lighting is REALLY really off... It looks like she either spent a tiny bit too much time processing the image in photoshop, or she has her Adaptive Dynamic Range (or whatever it's called on her camera) set to either auto or high), which makes a more stressed HDR-y type look which I don't feel fits Borderlands, at least IMO (the quasi halos around your head take me out of my imagining that you're actually Lilith set free from the bonds of my pc).

In this image, you're doing a great job, she just needs to work on a tiny bit less Post Processing, either in camera, or in PS imo.

If I had to add something else, sometimes it's awkward looking up someone's nose, so that's occasionally something to think about, although it's not as bad here since you look so badass :P.

The hill/building/or whatnot behind you is at least a little distracting to me... but I can understand you probably didn't have anywhere else to go without something in the background, so it's all good.

For the second image, you look really cool (obviously), and the image is less obviously processed, which is always nice, but I just can't get around the fact of that super bright plank of wood just in front of you, which is honestly the only thing distracting me from your badass look in that image, even the tires don't really stick out that much... those FIT in a borderlands shoot imo.

I'd recommend her to crop tighter in camera next time, and try to simplify her images, as much as she can, to the bare essentials.

Three: you look awesome. Great emotion, good capture, now I can understand for a quasi-ish borderlands look you would think a ladder *might* fit into the theme, but it's really just killing me in this image here, you look amazing, seriously, bad ass, game authentic pose, but the ladder keeps dragging my attention away from your badassness, which is usually not ideal :P.

So for this image, I'd recommend you guys to remove the ladder, if possible, and for her straight up photography technique, I'd ask her to consider using an off camera flash, as it would perfectly fill up the shadows on your face, and look even more badass, like we're used to seeing Lilith in the game (lighting wise).
(For a beginner, she's definitely doing well though :P)

Quatro: You look awesome. I really can't say it enough, you've done a great job getting into character, which is always a plus :P. as for the image quality, it really bothers me that the rear right wheel of the ATV is cut off, I mean it feels like BL, but that and the rack being cut off, really distract me, and in a bleh way, ya know?

I feel like the rest of the image is decent, you can expect random debris in BL, so the rusted device on the right fits, I just feel if she wanted to cut off *any* of the ATV, she might as well have done a radical crop, and gotten rid of most of it to begin with.

Imagine it, say, from the yamaha (logo) on up, and ending just above your hair, for example. While encompassing you, to just in front of your hand.

I feel that *that* could have been a much stronger image, but once again, this is all about learning, and you both did a good job for not being greatly experienced in this.

I hope that helps/was what you were looking for, and was not too harsh in my honesty >.>.

And seriously bro, if you're ever in Illinois you MUST BRING THAT COSPLAY! lol. (at the very least, for a terribly boring photoshoot, if not just to make everyone in a five mile radius super jelly, after seeing how badass it looks ).

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