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Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
I need more time to get ready for NYCC. I have a class immediately after work tonight and won't get home until 10:30. Friends I'm travelling with are trying to talk me into bringing my Katamari cousin costume, which is not at all what I had been planning. I have to do laundry, finish packing, and take care of my phone coverage and credit cards. Blarg, travel is such a pain.
Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
Crazy schedule, I'm seeing other people shuffling their cosplay plans on my FB feed too XD

All of my stress involve the weekend and not anything I can prepare in advance. I should really pack my luggage though.
Yeah there's some craziness on my end today too, but hopefully it's over. HOPEFULLT, LIFE OFFERS NO GUARANTEES AND SUCH!

Anywho, see you all this weekend for the funs, unless you don't have my #. Mai I know fer certain you do, Kilboy Powerhead, PM if you need/want it.

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My Little Flutterguy.
Stalk me on twitter! @theanarchris, THEN IMMEDIATELY REGRET YOUR DECISION!

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