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Hey everyone, would any of you be interested in meeting up Thursday out of costume prior to Youmacon to chill and hang out together for a small meal or coffee/tea?

It would be sort of like a group ice breaker to get to know your fellow cosplayers in person and out of costume and especially for those (such as myself) who are new to cosplay, to be able to hang out with those who have been doing cosplay for awhile. But more then that, it would be a way to form friendships prior to the craziness of the convention.

Anyway, it's just a thought...if even a couple people are interested in this idea, I wouldn't mind driving out to Detroit to hang out. Also I read on the Youmacon forum that there will be a pre-Youmacon movie held on Thursday for anyone interested. I thought those interested in meeting up prior to the convention could possibly go to that as well.

Anyone interested?
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