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Name of Merchant: Duola

Item purchased: 3 full costumes- Kirisame Marisa (Koumajou Densetsu), Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project), maid outfit
Links to picture(s):
PASSWORD: paypal
Timeline: 8-22-12 to 10-2-12
Cons: Language Barrier, SLOW shipping, unwilling to make a reasonable compromise
Comments: Costumes were not as shown in the pictures listed on their site. (Links are in the descriptions of the photobucket pictures.) Two costumes were missing the supposed headgear. The style and fit were horrible. I did a dispute through Paypal and the seller wasn't even willing to give me half of what I paid. They also refused to refund the true shipping cost to me, though they list it as "Free shipping!" on their website. Paypal wasn't able to get me my money back since it was a "made to order" item. Even if the seller lied and didn't include all the parts. Paypal has advised me to issue a chargeback, though, I used my debit card, so it'll be a huge hassle through my bank. But $220 is worth getting back!
Final Grade: F
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