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Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
I would suggest you enter Con-G's masq as a journeyman, since they have a (relatively) similarly sized masquerade. As for Anime North, since it's a much larger and tougher competition, you could still enter as a novice (though if you also won something at Con-G as a journeyman, I'd say do AN as a journeyman). I think winning 2 awards at smaller masqs is pushing it.
However, you can always ask the masquerade staff when you register or during workmanship judging what they suggest for you, based on your past experience and what you plan to enter.
I've been talking to people about this on Facebook, and since Ochiba-con and Con-G are both Regional, I would indeed be Journeyman for Con-G... but for AN, being International, I could enter 2 levels down (but since there only is one, I can enter Novice) since its 2 levels up... To my understanding this also applies if I win something at Con-G... I know the general standing is to compete at the level of the highest member in your group, but i will be with someone who's also competing at Con-G in Novice, and a first timer at Anime North... We will make up our minds closer, but I'm pretty sure if we go to enter Journeyman it will be a case that we DON'T tell our first timer because he will likely back out...
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