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Originally Posted by novaraven1 View Post
Yeah, there's really no one way to do a wig, there's just choosing the way that you feel comfortable using and finding the best product that will get you the results you want.

I think you will do great with an arda base wig and extensions. Their fiber texture is rougher than epics and is meant more for spiking. I have spiked epic wigs before, but they take more work since the fiber is softer/silkier and meant to prevent tangling. Ardas wigs were definitely for spiking and back combing, several of their styles are specifically meant for that and they only recently started carrying the longer styles for variety.

This is a site that has some colour ring info that might help you compare/choose your burgundy.
Oh thank you for the link .
He I know I keep asking questions but its just I want to make sure I buy the right stuff and not let it go to waste or all that money for nothing; since all this stuff is expensive.
I know Arda is a popular brand but ive checked out their wigs in burgundy but its too light; but I could order a swatch to see how light/dark it is.
I know there are many ways to design a wig to suit a character's hair.
So for me in particular, so far my option is to buy a base wig in burgundy, extensions and cut them to look like bangs and spike the whole wig (like I previously mentioned :P).
Thanks for the input

Oh I checked out the swatch image for the color i need and its actually not bad ^^
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