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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
I have found buckrum at fabric stores in the past, but it is hit or miss. As for the shoes the frist thing that comes mind is that they look like Sora's from Kingdom Hearts (being oversized and all). Under the prop etc. section do a Forum Search using Sora and Shoes and alot will come up. Even Black Star and Shoes might bring up something. A quick google search (sora kingdom hearts shoe tutorial) brought up several tutorials under deviant art and youtube. One cosplay thread suggest using a sneaker base and padding it with uposterly foam. Another has a step by step guide.
I got the buckram and it should work thanks! As for the shoes I think doing the Sora shoes would work. I could always just grab my pair of boots and put fabric on those xD I'll try with the foam tho cause I dunno if I wanna give up my boots :P Thanks so much! One last thing for you though! I need some advice for his gloves. His gloves are fingerless and then has these like weight things on his wrists. Any advice on that?
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