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Coloring eyelashes and eyebrows for sensitive skin?

The question pretty much says it all. I've been trying to color my eyebrows and lashes for awhile now with pretty much no luck. I can only get my eyebrows blue colored due to using a water colored pencil lol, it doesn't irritate my skin I dunno. I have pretty dark eyebrows and I've tried the glue stick method it just doesn't work for me. I was honestly thinking about bleaching my eyebrows, I know your not really supposed to but I used to do it before when my hair was super light blonde and then I'd pencil them in or use eye shadow for cosplay and it looked awesome and I was able to use the normal makeup I'm able to tolerate. Issue is I don't have blonde hair anymore and man that will look pretty weird =/.

My eye's seem to be even more sensitive then my skin I get pretty bad irritation from mascara and I'm wondering what to do about this I really want to go the extra mile and color my eyelashes. I'm hoping to find something for both my eyebrows and lashes that I can use for many different colors. I've tried colored mascara before in the past it didn't really work and it made my eyes hurt. The color didn't really show up at all so maybe some reccomended brands and places to find these online if possible? I also tried colored false eyelashes and this looked better though my natural colored lashes showed through so it looked a bit odd and the eyelash glue made my eyes irritated. So if anyone has any reccomended eyelash glue that would be helpful as well.

Oh btw, for stuff you'd find in any regular department store I seem to do fine with maybe line makeup when it comes to eyeshadows, lipsticks, liners etc though the foundations make me breakout. For foundation I normally use airbrush makeup and I use this one organic makeup that I buy online or I'll use pure mineral powders I buy this online to it's actually pretty cheap if you know where to get it from if anyone is wondering.

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