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Pretty much every costume I have has been made using clothing I happened to have already or getting creative with using store-bought items. As such I usually end up doing a less than accurate, but still visually pleasing, variant of the character.

Corset: Lingerie department of a department store (since scrapped, the boning was cheap plastic and I was unaware of what a proper corset should be constructed from)
Skirt: Hot Topic bought, it's a 3rd party seller however.
Stockings: Hot Topic
Boots: Had since high school
Blouse: Jcpenny Jr.dept
The wig was purchased online

I'd say the total cost without the wig was probably around $50-60, the skirt was the most costly piece. The wig was probably around $35+ shipping.

Motoko Kusanagi
Jacket: Bebe, purchased some years prior but never worn.
Bodysuit: A bodyshaper from the department store
Cargo Pants: Walmart
Boots:Owned prior
Gun: NERF squirt gun I spray painted black
Hat:Owned prior
Gloves: Hot Topic
Wig: A friend gave it to me!
There's also a watch under my glove that you can't even see..but I owned it prior.

Total cost was probably around...$40-60. I saved a lot of money being that I had the leather jacket prior to the cosplay, the leather jacket was probably a good $80+ at BEBE many years ago. The bodyshaper and cargo pants where both inexpensive and I saved oodles on a wig from a very good friend donating it to me. She's just incredibly kind.

I'd say the total if I had to pay for the jacket and wig would have been closer to $100-135.
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