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I guess the thermal layer on mine isn't so "fuzzy" per se, but it's kind of... Suede-like. I'm thinking now that it's probably going to be good for keeping my arms warm, as I get cold easily.

Thanks for the info on the thinner shirts, sounds like they'd be good for the warmer months here! (I'm still hoping for a cold Halloween though. )

A side note on the rest of the costume:I've finally got the rest of the things ordered, or at least the webbing and hardware for the harness anyway. I think it's supposed to come in later this week, or maybe next. Either way, I hope I can get it all together before Halloween. EDIT: My webbing and clips came in two days ago. (On the 16th) Still need to cut and sew it all up though.

Also wondering if I can wear the costume to school for Halloween, sans weapons of course. Just have to find out if I can wear face paint or not. I think masks aren't allowed, but I'm not sure about makeup. EDIT: Most people I've asked say face paint is OK. I know fursuiters, for the costume contest last year, wore their masks (of course). So maybe I can use makeup. If not, I guess I can wipe it off if someone tells me something. *shrug*

EDIT: 10-20-12: Backpack came in yesterday, awesome. Also, what happened to everyone? ^^;

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