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Originally Posted by midlifecrisis View Post
Hello! Time is short so I'll keep it quick. I go the idea in my head to take my 14 year old daughter to YOUMACON2012 for her birthday. This gives me 3 weeks from now to complete 2 cosplays from scratch and on a budget that wont upset my wife. We've never done anythign like this before, but I used to go to Renfest before I had kids, and my daughter loves anime and likes to dress outrageously and loves the idea.
Ahh a fellow Renfest goer. Hail and well met! This is a friendly bunch and there are a lot of threads which should help you on here. Since its almost Halloween youre in luck since those costumes can give you a good base for a cosplay if youre inventive and snazz them up. Then there are closet cosplay...oh and dont forget thrift stores as sources for clothing that can be modified. Just browse the forums... theres tons of information here on coscom. Huzzah!
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