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Originally Posted by Lyliah View Post
I have a room at the con hotel this year and I look forward to many many pics. It also doesn't hurt being so close to other things for pictures, like the zoo. It should be a good con! What is everyone looking forward to doing/seeing?
I also have a room at the con hotel and since theres only 3 people stying in the room it should be quite relaxing... well as relaxing as a con can be.

Personally I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of my new cosplay facebook friends in person at the con. As an older costumer who loves anime I'm blown away by the number of fellow otaku I have found in the MD / DC/ northern Virginia areas who I have networked with recently. Its nice to find so many people with similar interests, even if they are a bit younger. Geeks of the world unite!

How about you? What plans do you have for the con Lyliah?
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