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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
What I hate is someone wearing there corset on the outside and calling it Steampunk.
And why can't it be steampunk? Steampunk is not solely limited to historically-accurate Victorian costuming. It's an alternate-history genre, which means we all get to write our own story on steampunk fashion.

Remember the whole "bustiers as outerwear" fad of the 80s? Who's to say that the fashion of corsets as outerwear couldn't have evolved in an alternate Victorian timeline where airship pirates sail the skies and time-travel is possible?

The main thing that drew me to steampunk in the first place was the irresistible blend of historic fashion pieces along with the open-ended capability to mix-and-match anachrostic or offbeat styles. The rise of the "steampunk fashion police" has really put me off the genre lately. Steampunk is fiction. There is no one steampunk rulebook.
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