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I'm lactose intolerant so I happily forgo that route.

If your body is really craving dairy I would suggest adding small amounts. Drink tea or coffee that requires cream, have some cheese and non-salt crackers for a snack, yoghurt yoghurt yoghurt (easily made healthier with nuts or fruit), rye crackers with low fat cream cheese. Diets should never be about denying yourself stuff, just eating in moderation. Whether that means increasing the healthier options or decreasing sugar intake.

Oh, I forgot to mention:

IklanID, when you said not to add meat you still mention fish and although some fish are healthier than others it's still "meat". I believe you meant red or fowl meat? if so, red meat is actually good for you. It's just that most Westerners eat too much of it. At most you should have one meal a week that includes red meat.

Rice as a main food is not bad per se but it should NEVER outweigh the portions of vegetables, legumes, fruit etc. Rice is filler. It's what they add to pet food... as filler. It's what I eat when I can't afford anything else. Even brown rice has very limited nutrients. "Noodles" by which I take to mean (I hope) pasta, soba, rice noodles etc. is pretty much the same thing. NOT a good staple. Only good in moderation.

AND NEVER EAT RAMEN. Instant noodles are the worst! If you can find an asian store you may be able to pick up authentic Japanese instant meals (udon, yakisoba, etc) which isn't much better but is 100% better than instant noodles.

Also, mineral water is just as bad as pop. If you look at the contents and compare it to pop they have roughly the same sugar content. If you really want to drink something get into tea, plain water, milk, etc. If you need to drink juice either try making it yourself or buy it frozen and add a small amount to a jug (instead of the whole frozen can). Coffee isn't all that healthy for you so try to limit it to one mug a day. There are a lot of tea's (loose leaf) that contain coffee or are very black and drinking those is much better than a cup of coffee.

Also, if you REALLY need that caffeine boost... *sigh* I hate to say it but drink ONE energy drink. Not too often, and never more than one (and never coffee plus energy drink). Coffee is very bad for your stomach and most people drink a cup slathered in sugar to offset the bitter taste (unless you buy expensive low acidity coffee beans). A can of energy drink (well, most of them) contain roughly the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee without the nasty after-effects. It's the sugar that is the problem. I try to drink mine non-carbonated (because they taste like overly sweet pop and that's disgusting) and as sugar-free as they come. I don't think any brand other than Monster has a non-carbonated option and that's not a sugar-free one. Other than DIRE EMERGENCIES stay waaaaay away from energy drinks. Period.

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