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back to what materials i should use

im thinking if i go "scrapyard tech" on it, the thing will tear itself apart
under the forces im aiming for

so if i dig out a good 3x6 chunk of lumber, how well would that hold up?
or perhaps i could use an old 22. as the base

a spring would have me using a slide(rail), or striker (like pool or pinball), that means i end up with a spring powered rifle, i think that been done before

is it possible, with my original idea, using a gear assembly, an energy storage of some sort,
and a rotary projection aperati(spindle/wheel),
to generate enough force, to be a functional piece
if my intended lethal range is say, 35-50yrds

or am i looking at something that will only ever be a "functioning" piece with no useful application?
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