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Pretty much all my costumes end up on the thrifty side, since I'm sort of broke.

My Soul costume ( was actually very cheap.
Suit: $6 Men's '30s Gangster costume from Walmart (Bought post-Halloween XD)
Shirt: $4, red felt
Headband: $10 or so; it's a dyed sock safety-pinned closed in the back and the patches are just painted felt
Wig: $9, white felt
Teeth: $6, sharpened fake nails and denture glue
Lenses: $25, Pinky Paradise

So in total, $60. And a lot of cosplayers don't even use lenses, so sans the lenses, it's about $35.

Ryoga Hibiki ( was even cheaper...

Hair: $3, not a wig, just heavily teased and sprayed with black hairspray
Headband: $1.50, yellow bandana from Hobby Lobby with black triangles painted on it
Shirt: $5, yellow t-shirt from Walmart with slits cut in the sides and the front
Belt: $3, black knee-high sock
Pants: $10, men's sweatpants
Leg ties: $2, yellow yarn crocheted into chains
Shoes: $8, Tom's knockoffs from an accessory store

Aaaand for Ryoga, $32.50.

(The overall lesson being that nothing is more useful to a cheap cosplayer than knee-high socks...)
~Finished costumes:
*Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI (Being repaired.)
*Kankuro - Naruto
*Ryoga Hibiki - Ranma 1/2
*Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater
*Antonio Salieri - Mozart L'Opera Rock
*Rapunzel - Tangled

~Upcoming costumes:
*Miss Martian - Young Justice - 70%
*Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece - 60%
*Kotetsu T. Kaburagi - Tiger & Bunny - 40%
*Ryuk - Death Note - 30%
*Toph Bei Fong - Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5%
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