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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
I am fixing the sleeves today or tomorrow so I can mail it to Australia. It was hard to decide the width for the stripes because the anime isn't totally consistent. It's a very easy fix, so it won't take any time to do. I'm just happy she's pleased with the results so far. This marks the fourth Ciel costume I've made (third on commission, the first was my best friend's costume). I love making Kuroshitsuji costumes. Even though I prefer the manga, the anime does have some costumes I like, and I think this newest commission is one of them.
I just like the anime costume-wise because sometimes screenshots can provide more reference than several panels can: on a computer or TV screen, even if just viewing the outfit from afar or from different angles, you have to have a pretty good amount of detail visible, or it'll look tacky and a bit lazy. In a manga, since you have to usually have a lot of little panels, they can sometimes skimp on showing the details of the outfit and have it turn out alright.
My biggest irk about this, though, is, of course, the one single costume of Ciel's from the second season I would be honored to wear only shows up for around half an episode, and since the episode focuses on Claude vs. Sebastian, within that episode you get little to no references. It's also the one that either A) doesn't have a fullsize reference sheet, and it is the one and only original outfit that I've seen that doesn't, or B) It just isn't scanned and on the internet.
Maybe I could go to a commissioner that knows the style of Kuroshitsuji and together we could make up how we would want stuff like the back and the ends of the sleeves to look, but right now I'd just rather not.
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Come to the dark side. We have freaking gorgeous character designs.

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