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i mean something that stays put till triggerd,
as far as energy storage, the only way i know of to get a rotational force
is using a coil, and if i start dealing in reality, using a coils should get acceptable results

the more thought i put into it, with my astronomical math and engineering skills,
/pant on fire

i should jus stay with "functional but useless", as much as i hate to put effort
into something thatll only look nice,

cause like you said, with all the forces involved, done improper, its likely to fail catastrophically,
and with my luck, ill end up quadriplegic, and unable to finish killing myself

i think the best way i can internalize the mechanisms would to build a gun-stock like platform
then build a cap over it,

the hard part would be figuring out how to make it all work... oh my brain, it hurts already

though having my own portable catapult would be fun...
i think something of a shoulder mounted trap shooter should work splendidly

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