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Originally Posted by LalaFTL View Post
Hi, guys!

Long time Tekken player but new to Tekken cosplay. I just bought a bunch of mats for TTT2 Kunimitsu's default costume. Been wanting to build her for awhile but the timing is finally right.

So, question, in case any of you know: Is there an official name for the "cutoff" kimono she's wearing? I have next to zero knowledge of Japanese clothing and thought I'd ask more knowledgeable people before going to look for patterns...
I'm still working on her TTT 1 alternate, I really want to do her TTT2 Main, but I have to finish other things first, I'm so easily sidetracked with starting other costumes. XD. The best thing I could come close to while looking awhile back is either the Simplicity Kimono Pattern or, what I would go with, was the Star Wars like pattern from Simplicity 5840 D Pattern, and modify it a little.
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