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IklanID, when you said not to add meat you still mention fish and although some fish are healthier than others it's still "meat". I believe you meant red or fowl meat? if so, red meat is actually good for you. It's just that most Westerners eat too much of it. At most you should have one meal a week that includes red meat.


"Fish ain't meat." ~ Fisherman from Avatar the Last Airbender.

J/k. :P I agree with your post, though. Red meat has a lot of iron, which is essential for your body. I mean, I'm sure you can get it from other sources, but red meat is still fine. Fish though, is supposed to be awesome for you, if you get the right kinds. Being preggo, I'm supposed to avoid shark, mackerel, swordfish, etc, but tuna, salmon, and tilapia are a some of the fish that are really healthy. Plus omega-3's are a must.
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