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Originally Posted by CautiousAmber View Post
Oh wow, I'm totally relieved to hear that people are okay with people cosplaying as OC's.

Along with some usual cosplays, I was wanting to try to cosplay my own character too, but i wasn't sure how people would react or if they would get annoyed. I hate the thought of someone coming up to me and asking me about my cosplay, and then being disappointed to find out that it's not 'from' anything.
I think most people, me included, get a bit annoyed with "original" cosplay that is nothing more than some cat ears and a tail thrown on or someone wearing a Naruto headband or Akatsuki cloak with their regular clothes and claim to be an OC. If you put some imagination and work into it, original cosplay can be some of the most visually appealing because you aren't restricted to a specific design that people will be judging you as strictly on.
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