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@ FinalEva:

Fat Suit: That sounds like a good plan I think. Hopefully the fat suit will be easy enough to work with.

Workout: Ha ha, don't worry. I think so long as you do something everyday or every other day, you are fine. I know for me personally, building the routine is the tough part, but I am determined. I did arms and abs today! Hopefully you get a chance to go on a bike ride though and hopefully it's not in the rain.

Scissors: I think it's a good idea to have a few pairs. If you are like me, I often lose my scissors when working on a project, so it's always good to know where a second or even third pair are in case you lose those too. :P As for sharpening, I bought a new pair and they were already dull and I am not sure if i can sharpen them.

Fall shoot: Ha ha, yeah the park has some really nice trees that I think will work. I am not sure I can make it this weekend or the next. It may have to be the last weekend in October. I hope the leaves are still there!! I agree though, I like the wide angles look really nice for those shots though. We will see what we can do.

Terra: I do agree. It's nice to see a female character be so strong and not a total wimp.

I agree, the "Dog Lover" photo would be hilarious because it's so opposite of his personality. I will have to find a shot of that Old Snake. I have seen some people do some pretty crazy makeup jobs.

Fiberglass: I am so glad it's almost over for you. it sounds like it was a pretty trying project, but I am sure it will be well worth the effort. Hopefully you have learned lots of new techniques that might help you with Raku in the future. I look forward to pictures though!

Something Dissidia Related: As for Bruce, I almost wonder if the muscles on the suit were to hide his body type as well. Just a though. :P As for the photo, that's awesome!! I wish i could have seen that in person. Along the same lines, this would also be funny to see.

Cosplay Updates: Thank you so much! I think the new trim and details really help make the designs pop. Nothing against the old ones, but this new armor looks much better in my opinion. :P As for Pen Pen, I love progress shots, so that will be exciting. I hope you are able to finish him up today. As for the legos, I did manage to find some at a decent price on eBay but it sure took some searching.

Sabin: I agree, Terra was quite a character. I have to admit she is one of my favorotes. I also agree too that Zidane and Garnet had a good sense of humor too. One thing I particularly liked about them was how innocent and child like they were. I mean they were mature when they needed to be, but there was still a sense of innocence and playfullness that isn't often seen in FF characters. As for Edgar and Sabin's wigs, I got two Magnum XL from Arda. They were back ordered when I ordered them, which means I might be lucky to see them before next year. :P As for the Edgar weapons, I would love to make as many as possible. I think it would be fun. I will look into the BioBlaster though!

Your Upcoming Projects: I am so excited to see your newly wonderflexed Cecil armor. You still have quite a ways to go on that right? As for Raku, I really hope we can all do a big shoot at Fanime. If you would like, since Sakura con seems like it might be pretty busy, I can just wait to wear Yoko at Fanime too. I cannot wait for you to start Gestahl and Zora Link too. Man you are going to be busy though!! :P As for Setzer, it is nice that there isn't a lot of armor, but I think the detail work will probably move about as slow as an armored cosplay. Still though, I am all for more Setzer cosplays! He doesn't get enough love. You are right though, that's a TON of trim!!

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