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Originally Posted by princess_hyrule View Post
I've posted this to a couple of forums and nobody responded, so maybe you nice folks can help me! I am looking for a competition cosplay for next year's Nan Desu Kan. I am looking to try something new but I don't know very many anime or game series very well.
Here are my preferences:

1. Character must be female. (I'm not big on cross-playing)
2. Character needs to be from a Japanese series.
3. No Legend of Zelda Characters (That's all I've done :P)
4. No mascots or mobile suits please.
5. I would be willing to try an evil cosplay, why not?

Pretty Pretty please give me some suggestions!
I believe there's a forum specifically for cosplay suggestions, also these forums can move a bit slow so responses to those previous posts could take a bit.

My suggestion for characters would be something unique and different from what is common or popularized. For competition sake it will be important to stand out and if you are up against 15 Sailor Moon's, 7 Miku Hatsune's, and 20 Homestuck..whatever those things are having a unique and perhaps less popular character or costume can help you stand out and give you less people to compete against who are wearing the same costume.
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