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Originally Posted by Ranma 1-2 View Post
I would Love to see Usagi cosplay with a lifesize Luna plushie. Hint hint, make a Lunaaaaa ^_^
I have a Bandai UFO Luna plushie that I can stick on my shoulder! I'll probably keep turning round and then have Luna smacked in my face each time, haha.

Originally Posted by Prissi View Post
Hahahaha homg, you should totally do that. PGSM style go go!

Steffi, I don't think that mine is better than yours. We just had different ways of approaching it, and I'm definitely learning from seeing what you did differently. For starters, I'm starting to think I need to stop being lazy/scared and do bootcovers and use trim. >_____> Also, I'm not happy with the way my collar turned out in the least. You absolutely should be proud of what you've done.

I'll PM you about the wig.
It's typical though, I bought some horsehair braid for my friend who is doing Myu Pluto, but they didn't have enough, so I put in an order for more to be delivered. When it came, this horsehair braid was twice the size! I was miffed because my skirt could have been rufflier and more accurate with the thicker horsehair braid! Oh well.

The bootcovers weren't actually that bad to do! I traced the shape of the boots and soles and made a pattern. Used uber stretchy lycra and inserted invisible zips at the back for convenient ins and outs! I glued foam sheets for soles onto the bottom to prevent slipping!

If you'd like, I can take a picture of my patterns, so you have an idea!

But thank you! But my inspiration came from your cosplay!

Originally Posted by MirniMausi View Post
Steffi and Prissi: I think both of your cosplays are absolutely gorgeous in their own way. The two of you both have a different style and if I had to compare it to the musicals, I think Steffi has more the classic style (I'd see her as Fuminamoon, maybe) and Prissi has a more modern, new style (mostly comparable to Marinamoon, I guess). Also, the materials used by each one of you can't be really compared anyway. I think both cosplays look equally fabolous <3

I'm known as the musical moon in our group (even though I never did a transformed cosplay so far, only borrowed anime Eternal Moon from a friend for a few hours), so yeah, I think my opinion can be seen as a huge compliment. Tohohoho
D'aww thanks. I was actually trying to achieve the look of Miyuki, the only innacurate thing I think is the fact my glove rolls don't have "dots" on them. Because any pink dotty fabric that was available was too dark/light and didn't match the magenta on the rest of the costume..
But yes, you're description sums it up nicely!
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