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So lately I've noticed something.... there's been a rapidly increasing hate of skinny girls on the internet. Pictures like this are cluttering my news feed:

.....but why? For some reason, this just really irks me. Not just this picture, but all the ones that are similar. Honestly, I find pictures putting down skinny girls as bad as pictures putting down heavier girls. As someone who is overweight and was bullied for being such, I know how much it stings to be belittled for your body type. Yet somehow people are a lot more accepting of pictures putting down skinnier girls.

Basically, here's how I see it. Healthy is attractive. When I say healthy, I don't mean full-figred girls that aren't quit overweight. I just mean healthy. As in, you don't have any medical problems because of your weight. That could be someone who weighs 100lb, or someone who weighs 200lb, or anywhere in between. If you're healthy at whatever weight you are, then you're attractive in your own right.

Can we stop cutting everyone down now?

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