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Do you see the pun ?

Premiere of the series aired on Thursday and I think I'm already falling head over heels with it, not to mention the staff on this project OwO

As someone on tumblr once said:-
"Psycho Pass is looking pretty good so far.
[I’m already upset that I can’t watch the second episode.]

I mean, you can’t go wrong with an anime that has a director who refuses to stick to the current trends and bans moe from their production. I just want guns and psychological mindfcks anyway. So I’m glad we agree."

Looking forward to how the show & characters go but the Enforcers are all so bad ass just by being enforcers~ WANT TO COS SO BAD >ooo< And because Amano Akira designed the characters ahaha xD And also an excuse to make the Dominator.

My friend has shown interest to cosplay main character Shinya Kougami and I really like Shuusei Kagari so we may just do a duo shoot since suits are pretty accessible and as the series develops I'll probably have more I want to cos :3

Any thoughts on the series and/or plans to cosplay from it ?
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