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Originally Posted by SkywardSong View Post
Hm, i'd go with regular.
Oh and so far who all do you have? Character wise I mean.
( I realized I procrastinated quite a bit and i'm seeing if I could find a simple character instead of giving up >:3. . . But we'll see T w T )
Alright so me and my friends are going as Bruno, Leon, Honne, Kiyoteru, and Mikuo. Now if you want a simple version to cosplay as I would suggest Just Be Friends.
Cosplays (Cons)
Gakuen Hetalia, Prussia (Shado 12)
Pokemon, Gold/Ethan (Shado 12, Metro 13)
Vocaloid, Dell Honnie
Batman, Black Mask (Khaotic 14)
Soul Eater, Spirit/Death Scythe (Shado 12, Metro13)
Hetalia, England Cd (Metro 13, Khaotic 14)
Team Fortress 2, Blu Spy
Soul Eater, Giriko
Baccano!, Firo Prochainezo
Pokemon, Giovanni (Khaotic 14)
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