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Here are the gathering locations for Saturday and Sunday:
Saturday - Location will be up the escalators from Hall 1A at 1 PM. This is between where you pick up your badges and the hallway going to the artist gallery. The gathering will be there. If it ends up getting too crowded, we might have to move outside (the temperature at 1PM will be 53 and the wind shouldn’t be an issue). I will try to arrive 5 minutes earlier there. I will be the Senbonzakura Len with Kirito’s (SAO) sword during the morning until after the gathering, so stop me if you have questions to where the gathering is.

Sunday - Location will be outside the CFM Panel (Room 1A23) after that panel (which should be around 3:30). After the panel, I will need help letting other Vocaloid cosplayers know that there is a Vocaloid gathering (since some of them didn’t know about it on Friday).

Remember that we’re all here to have fun and meet new people, so everyone’s welcome. If you’re shy, don’t worry! I’m shy myself, but I’m sure there are others that will welcome you during the gatherings!
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