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Name of Product: Le Tigre Long in Apple
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product description: This was the first time I bought from Arda and I don't think I'll buy from anywhere else. I ended up having to switch my order from the Eowyn to the Le Tigre Long because I found new color references and the Eowyn didn't come in Apple. I Emailed them the day after I placed my order and received Emails saying that they just switched my order personally right then and adjusted my payment. Got my wig in the mail 2 days later. I was floored by how efficient and quick the transaction was, and how friendly the person handling my stupid, abrupt order change was.
The wig itself is gorgeous, long, and silky. Love the color. Fits great. So happy with this order overall. (Sorry, no pictures. ><)
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