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So as a first timer should I wear my easy cosplays first or my ones that I've done a lot of work to. I plan on being there all day for the first day to learn how things work.
Wear which ever cosplay you'll be the most comfortable in and have an easier time moving around in. Not only will you probably find seating limited there tends to be a very, very thick crowd. As in you'll probably end up bumping into people a lot. So which ever cosplay you find the comfiest, easiest to move in that can stand up to being knocked around a little is your best bet for going for long periods of time. Save other cosplays for going in for shorter periods of time and/or less crowded times.

The good thing is if you do end up outside the hotel in your costume Austin's motto is Keep Austin Weird. People accept people walking around in costumes for random things. However, Downtown is also famous for it's clubs and bars so once it hits 6 or 7 pm I would advise staying inside in costume. It's rare but downtown is not only famous for it's strip of clubs and bars along 6th it's also college district area. So if you go wandering the streets, keep something like pepper spray on you. Especially if you're by yourself or in a group less than two. Try to stick to groups. It's always safer.
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