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You just reminded me of something I'd forgotten from a few years back. I was working as a creepy little girl in a haunted house and the other actors knew I could sew. Our shift ghoul was going as poison ivy and had no clue how to go about it, so I just told her to bring me the skimpiest thing she felt comfortable wearing.
Fast forward two weeks and I'm using all my downtime in between scaring little kids to hand sew fake leaves onto a black bra and panty set. Ha, I really had forgotten about that.

Oh, and the point of this is OH GAWD WHY YOU GLUE TO YOURSELF?! Try hand sewing! It'll just be a matter of pinching the fabric with the leaf on top and just whippin' it around a bit for a good hold. Or if you're not good at sewing, try fabric glues. There are actually some types developed to take the place of sewing and produce a good fusion.
Pleeease don't yourself anymore, it makes me so sad! :C
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