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Fixing wig with cold water?

My two cosplay wigs got ruined when I didn't store them properly on a flight back from America.

I bought some Revlon conditioner for synthetic hair and would like to know how to fix my wig, using this or not.

I heard about using hot water but as I can't find anything to measure the heat of the water and I'm scared to use the boiling water technique in case I ruin my wig. The convention is 10 days away so I can't risk this.

My wigs at the moment, one is frizzy and curly on the bangs and slightly... lumpy looking but not too bad. The second and most important wig has gone extremely lumpy all over and has gone curled when the hair is supposed to be straight on the wig.

Is there any way I can fix this as I'm starting to freak out with the convention so close.

Again as much as I'd like to use the boiling water method I have no way to measure what the heat is.
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