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I think variations are neat! Besides, when people do fanart, they will often dress their favorite characters in new outfits. They won't always draw them in their typical wear, so why not do so for cosplay? I am doing my own variation of Vocaloid Meiko's default outfit. It's not too much different from her original, but I am uncomfortable showing my midriff, so I am doing a spin on her default where her midriff is covered (I found the PERFECTA TOP WITH ALL THE RIGHT COLORS *.*). When I sew her outfit for Tsugai Kogarashi, I will probably have my own spin to it as well, making it a bit simpler, but with all the right colors and important details. One of these days, I even plan to create an entirely original outfit for Meiko! And my mom, who loves Yuuko from xxxHOLiC, plans to do an original take on her as well. She's seen many dresses that look like something she'd wear, and plans to go for that!

So what you're doing is something people have considered, are doing, or have done. Just as long as the hair is correct and important, distinctive details about the character is correct, I am sure people will recognize you. In fact, since it is your own variation, that actually might draw more attention! Just put all your heart and soul, and show your love for the character! BE A WALKING FAN-ART MASTERPIECE! ^o^
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