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I'm going to be making Garnet's normal outfit from FFIX, Anastasia in her Once Upon a December dress from Anastasia for the formal ball (since my friend who runs the cosplay club at UConn is having a Disney/animated kid movie ball in the late winter/early spring so I'll have it anyway), probably my female Assassin cosplay from Assassin's Creed assuming I've decided what I wanna do with it by then, and an Umbreon gijinka with glowing rings. And I'll be bringing my Rinoa cosplay too, after I fix up my weapon for it and make new shorts.

Now watch as I post here again in April with a whole new list. XD
Plans for 2014:
Anna (coronation day gown) (Frozen)
Black Mage (original/formal design) (Final Fantasy) (25%)
Asuna (Sword Art Online) (90%)
Flame Princess (Adventure Time)
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