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Originally Posted by kikamontanez View Post
First off, don't take any of the hate from 4Chan personally. 4Chan is nothing but a bunch of virgin guys living with their moms who are racist, sexist, and all around morons (4Chan made my brother so sexist and racist it makes me want to brainwash him back to normal).
Next, I looked at your pic and most of your weight is in your boobs and hips which is NEVER a bad thing. I'd hardly call you overweight.
As for the actual overweight people, I think it's fine as long as they're not trying to dress in something skimpy. I'm only 116 lbs but even I wouldn't dress in something that showed my stomach until it was perfectly flat.
ive never understood what the purpose of 4chan is..but anyways..

I go to my first con in December and really I haven't cosplayed much outside my house but already I've having to deal with 4chan like ppl who just seem to never go away. With my medical issues I can hardly do anything about the way I'm shaped. I am learning to ignore the hate and just carry on.

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