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Well my boyfriend does cosplay, but sadly at this point in our relationship he won't do anything I would like to see because he doesn't want to shave XD. He's got a beard he really digs, and I would never be cruel enough to make him shave it. What I would love to see if I could get away with it though:

Him as Sven Volfied to my Train Heartnet from Black Cat (he's sworn he'll NEVER do this though ;_; ). There's also Undertaker from Black Butler because I swear he has the personality for it and would love the character (he won't watch/read the series, and again he would have to shave >.<). Finally I would love to make him Roy Mustang to my Edward Elric, he's the perfect freakin' height now! He DID have the uniform back when we both modeled some FMA cosplays for 6 years ago - at the time he chose to cosplay Armstrong and later Hughes. Sadly he's give away that cosplay though, and he hated Roy anyway so he would never go for it...

I can dream though, I can dream.
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