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Review: Vassen Super Pinky Bright Red lenses

Name of Product: Vassen Super Pinky Bright Red circle lenses

And here's me wearing them (not with a costume) -->
(Its a really big picture. Sorry -.-")

Where Purchased: Pinky Paradise

Product Description: Some pretty bright red lenses (used for my Soul costume; so just think about his eyes.) They're definitely eye-enlarging too, as you see only a very small part of the whites of your eyes when you wear them. (Though they're only 14.5 mm.)

Pros: DEFINITE red colour; I was afraid that when I bought them that the colour would be pale, not red enough, not bright enough; but it's great! My natural eye colour is grey, so they didn't have "much to hide" per se. I would say that they're good for any red-eyed character, and they're actually fairly realistic (if red was a real eye colour.) Also, I didn't really find them uncomfortable, despite the fact that I did wear them for a little over the recommended time limit when I wore them for Soul and then to a rave.

Cons: Sometimes when you blink, you would see red for about five seconds before they readjusted themselves. There was no real "feeling" to this problem, and it doesn't totally "black out" your vision, but it does tint everything for a few seconds before you blink a couple more times. Also -- and this just depends on what you're looking for -- they look very big to be 14.5, which, as I mentioned, may not be a con, but I didn't expect them to be so big for my Soul costume, but in the end, it didn't destroy the costume illusion at all.

Overall rating: I would give them a 9. The "seeing red for a moment" isn't all that irritating, and they were very comfortable, especially since I did wear them past the recommended number of hours (which I'm not saying you should do!) The colour was fantastic, and if needed, I would buy them again.
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