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Originally Posted by novaraven1 View Post
you could just compete at the level you think your skills are at. if you are costuming at a master level, even if it's your first time, there is nothing to stop you from entering that category. not telling your group member what level you're entering at seems silly to me. If their costume is the same quality as the rest of the group they should have no problem entering as a journeyman too and should feel they deserve to be there. delaying moving up to the next level seems like you're trying to keep an unfair advantage over others.
I'm making all the costumes, he's just my model...
And its NOT 'delaying moving up' to the next level, nor is it taking 'unfair advantage of others'... I am NOT a Master, or even an Artisan, in fact, I don't feel like I am even worthy of Jouneyman, my Novice 'win' was in a very small (MAYBE 15 entries) event, all entries were novice and first timers (I was the only one with sound even), I'm being fair enough entering Journeyman where I will get my ass kicked at Con-G and other cons, I think its fair to enter myself and my models in Novice at AN seeing as hows its on the same level as WorldCon and CostumeCon, both events that if I even TRIED to enter (which I won't because its far too intimidating), even if there was something lower then Novice, I would be laughed at in...
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