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Originally Posted by Marbleyes View Post
Soy-Con in Chicago over the summer was preppy fun as well.
I always seem to be in another state during Soy-Con. Next year...

I was wondering, are any of you going to the cosplay meet ups in Chicago this coming weekend (20-21)? I hear there's a general one on Saturday and for those still in the Hetalia fandom, there's one on Sunday.
Fun fact: I have no idea what's going on anymore.

Cosplays I'm Working On:
Bianchi - Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Naka-kon 2014 and ACen 2014)
Halloween 2011 Turkey - Hetalia (Naka-kon 2014)
Wooper gijinka and/or kigurumi- Pokemon (ACen 2014 maybe)
Bouffalant gijinka - Pokemon (ACen 2014 maybe)
Chocolove - Shaman King (ACen 2014 or Anime Midwest 2014 maybe)
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