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Originally Posted by nyditch View Post
The pictures on on my friend's camera, but I don't think we got any of you except for a few people as Korra. I'll post up when I get a hold of them.

I was there with 3 friends as Pokemon trainers with robotic pokemon. I was the Pokemon engineer (which was mistaken many times for TF2 engineer, bob the builder, and one of the Village People). My friends were: Original Pokemon Blue trainer, the fisherman, and an Evee breeder (based off fanart). We had a Pichu (for part of it), charmander, Umbrion, Espion, and Polywag that could drive around. We also had a full-size Ivysaur with a cooler hidden inside that could be driven and had a moving head.
Hi! I know this is super late, but is this the group you were in?
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