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Hello~ I'm currently 22 years old majoring in Pre-Pharmacy and Biochemistry. I lived in the dormitory for 3 years and currently moved off campus into a house and sharing it with 5 other roommates/friends. I'm involved in anime club, chemistry research club, health fraternity, various cultural clubs, and etc.

Depending on your school and major, it can greatly take over your life or be a walk in the park. For me, being in the sciences at a school with advantage programs tend to be crazy and busy. So my life during semester is usually gone and academically focused. I generally take advantage of the winter and summer breaks to make things.

The first year is mostly meeting people and figuring out how the school system works. As times progresses, you will figure out what you can and can't handle. And that will help you better schedule your time and within it all - put in Cosplay Time! So that you also keep track on finishing your costume little by little.

As a student, you are generally poor. So look out for coupons or sign up for them and go thrifting. your wallet will thank you and so will your tummy (extra cash = good food time!)
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