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Imma be doing something a little different in light of recent manga chapters, I'm gonna be debuting none other than the Vandenreich Leader himself, Juhabach! Of course I'm bringing Los Lobos for a day too, unless there's demand for my more "fabulous" characters (ie either Beauty Queen Charlotte Chuulhourne OR resident Mad Scientist Szayel Apporo Grantz)
Confirmed Cosplays!!!

Otakon 2013:

Tier Harribel (Sealed POSSIBLE RELEASED!): Bleach
Zoisite (Sailor Moon)
Myotismon (Digimon Adventure)
The Earl of Lemongrab: Adventure Time (Time Permitting)
TV's Frank: MST3K (Time and Panal Permitting)
Schuldig: Weiss Kruez
Lt. Surge: Pokemon

Magfest 2014:

Al Mualim
Sabin Rene Figaro (possible Amano Version)
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