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Originally Posted by arkham71 View Post
I also have a room at the con hotel and since theres only 3 people stying in the room it should be quite relaxing... well as relaxing as a con can be.

Personally I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of my new cosplay facebook friends in person at the con. As an older costumer who loves anime I'm blown away by the number of fellow otaku I have found in the MD / DC/ northern Virginia areas who I have networked with recently. Its nice to find so many people with similar interests, even if they are a bit younger. Geeks of the world unite!

How about you? What plans do you have for the con Lyliah?
I actually need to convince 1 or 2 more friends to stay in my room to make it better... more affordable that is. Wish me luck with that. The pictures of the hotel are stunning, and being that it's in DC there could be some very good places for a photoshoot. I'm excited.

I have no concrete plans as of late, but I'm definately going to organize the comic book shoot - a great chance to meet everyone I've been talking to. I'm also rather stoked about the masqurade ball this year! Normally I have no interest in these things, but they had me at actual masquerade. I don't know who I'm going to be yet, but I want to actually go this year.
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