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Originally Posted by DomiStar View Post
So I had a baby two years ago and every year before my convention I say that I'm going to do Insanity so that I can have an awesome six pack...needless to say that it never happens and I quit about a week into. This time I said I'm goiong all out and am going to purchase a costume that is going to force me to workout. I decided to do this 2 months before this convention that I didn't really plan on going to. Anyways....

This is how far I have got from my Insanity workout over the past two months. I'm not extremely happy with the results because I missed a bunch of days but it is what it is. I literally only had 2 months to do this and the last day of the workout is 4 days before my con lol. But her is my results

I'll see if I can find a before picture. But any advice on how to maybe shed a bit of the "water weight" temporarily at the convention, mainly in the tummy?
Drink lots of water, no soda or sugary drinks. Ease up on sodium, and be sure to eat mostly fruits and veggies. I have heard that cooked are better than raw in this regard, but I forget why.
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