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Originally Posted by sunseenli View Post
PEW PEW PEW! Rogue doesn't get any fun sound effects. Sadness.

I KNOW, and as Facebook is blocked at work, I can't actually see them yet. Tantalizing!

Marvel took a few on my/our camera that as soon as I get off of the card, I'll share. It'll take me ages to make up a proper con report, seeing as how I'm not even done with Day One of Otakon's yet, but I can share the raw photos with you guys.

Rogue does have funny accent fun though. Y'all just havta spell weird sugah!

There's only 2 photos of you online as of now, but the first one is quite solid! <3

And usually I would be like "LOL NO" but yeah....already have some ideas planned for 2013. Mostly rewears, but Red Hood, Jamie Madrox are confirmed, Hawkeye most likely, and hopefully an new Cyke. ONLY TIME AND $$$ WILL TELL!
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