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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Actually CostumeCon and WorldCon are considered a level above AN and Fanexpo. Because your getting a lot more people that are master level for years going to it and they recommend going down a level for that because the competition is so high. lol

That being a said I still feel a novice win regardless of the con counts everywhere you go as you only need 1 win to advance to Journeyman as you have proven your can do costumes.
on the AN website, it says its International and on the same level as WorldCon and CostumeCon...

and I quote "Thanks to the hard work of the Masquerade Team and the amazing skill shown by contestants, as of 2010, the Anime North Masquerade has the honour of being officially recognized by the International Costumers' Guild (ICG). This means that those who win Best in Show at Anime North are of the same standing as a winner of Best in Show at a Worldcon and Costume-Con."

I dont feel a win at Ochiba-con despite the '1 win' is really enough to show I know what I'm doing (at Anime North the same costume got nothing with judges commenting on how unprofessional my finishing was and telling me that just about everything was wrong with it...), Ochiba-con is about the smallest contest you will see, and I'm not even sure if its recognized as a REGIONAL event let alone on the same level as Con-G and ConBravo... I feel like I'm not a Journeyman (I know people much better then me who have never won in Novice, just because they never entered something as tiny as Ochiba-con), but I understand how it works that I HAVE to, regardless, make the jump for other regional events, but when it comes to Anime North, staff has CONFIRMED I could enter Novice... IF I win something at Con-G (Which I HIGHLY doubt as I am NOT a Journeyman in skill level, regardless of what my prize says...), I might change my mind, but I feel like it wouldn't even be worth entering at Anime North if I was forced to be Journeyman... leave out the embarrassment of being told again what's wrong with my cosplays and basically that I don't belong (they didn't actually SAY that but that's the feeling I got pretty much) on the stage that's Anime North...
'A win is a win' okay but when it comes to INTERNATIONAL competition, I'm not even good enough to be a Novice... but I try...
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