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Hi everyone! This is my first post so sorry if I'm doing something wrong!

I have recently started watching kenshin (samurai x) at episode 30 now and I love the character so much that I wanted to dress up as him haha, even though I'm a girl. I've never done a cosplay before even though I've always wanted to. So I think I will get the courage this year to do it (last year I got everything for Korra from avatar but didn't go through with it :<

So, I got a wig in the mail the other day from Ebay and I'm so pleased with it. I even will be able to get a sakabato from my friend who luckily has one already

Now I just need the rest of the stuff... purple lenses and the shoes -which confuse me since in the anime they look really like thin bamboo but I read somewhere that it's a traditional japanese shoe but when I searched for it it looks so different and hard to walk in let alone sword fight D: I have tabi socks already too , so what do you guys think? oh and maybe some advice for the scar and where to get a good costume like I say in the pic that I cant seem to find something that looks right, I wanted to get a Hakama pant separate but I couldn't figure out what the top was called. Any advice?

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