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Originally Posted by Ninbri View Post
I agree. Homestuck and Hetalia fans are by far the worst. Maybe 85% of the immature people in society decided they liked Homestuck and Hetalia. I personally don't like either of the shows, so..
I think that's untrue, and really judgmental. The last con I was at, not cosplaying Homestuck, I went to 2 Homestuck photoshoots, and EVERYONE was extremely kind, fun, and not annoying. I'm one of those people who gets annoyed easily by immature people, and there were little to no one annoying there. And it was a large group. So jumping the gun like that and saying "85% of anyone who is in that fandom is annoying and terrible" is completely untrue.

The reason why Hetalia and Homestuck get such a bad rap is because people let the bad things stick in their mind, over the good things. It's not fair to judge an entire fandom by the few bad things you see.
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