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The only time I've been put off by fans of a series is when I cosplay Madam Red. Overall, the Kuroshitsuji fans really get under my skin, even though I love the manga (not the anime). I've had too many people just be...weird...towards me when I cosplay her. I won't stop wearing my Madam Red costume, but it's really off-putting when people come running up to me dragging a Ciel cosplayer screaming "I found your nephew!" and things like that. I'm also not the kind of person who pretends to be the character when I'm in costume, so I don't like when people try to hold a conversation with me as if I was the character. It's just really uncomfortable to me. I'm also really put off by the people who do Kuroshitsuji yaoi. I just CANNOT support that one at all.
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