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I'm a sophomore Theatre Design major with a minor in Spanish. If my college offered more languages I'd love to take them too, but...anyway!

My school does not have an anime club yet, but a friend and I are working hard to set one up. It's not going to be a huge club because we both have enormous amounts of work to do for our classes. My hope is to get more students interested in anime, manga, and cosplay (especially!). Even though I go to an all-women's college, I know there are many people here who would like an anime club!

For me costume design is the focus of my major. I have to complete studies in areas such as set design and lighting design, but my love for cosplay led me to my specialization. Some of my cosplay work counts towards independent studies, especially on cosplays where I give myself leeway to add my own design elements (like my current project Seth Nightroad). Historical and cultural costuming are my favourite subjects of study, particularly Tudor, Victorian, and Japanese. I am very comfortable in kimono and would love to wear them everyday if it did not break so many norms.

If you join your local chapter of the International Costumers' Guild (ICG) you can get a card that gives you an extra 10% off your purchase every time you go to Joann's! You have to pay to join the ICG, but if you're a student it shouldn't be expensive (I pay nine dollars a year). Coupons are a good idea and can be combined with your 10% off card. Also, if you join the ICG, attend meetings whenever possible! They have some great members with lots of experience who love to talk to you. Unfortunately the nearest chapter to me was in Boston, Massachusetts (I go to college in Troy, New York), so I only make it to one or two meetings per year :/

More on the subject of cosplay. I've gotten comfortable with not rushing the craftsmanship process. I like to set dates that I want a cosplay completed by (usually coinciding with Halloween or a convention), but I'm not hard on myself if I do not make it. It alleviates a lot of stress to not have to worry about finishing one or two things up the night before and convention, unless they are really, really, really tiny things. Sometimes it is great to get out an older cosplay that I haven't worn in awhile!
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